what would I do in 19 hr 25 min between flights in Prague





















772.00 LTL

no charges inc.



14:55, Th, September 03 2009


15:35, Th, September 03 2009

OK 0873


Change planes. Time between flights:  19hr 25min



11:00, Fr, September 04 2009

New York

14:15, Fr, September 04 2009

OK 0050














Scenario #2


After landing in Prague at 3:35 pm we would catch a train and enjoy the short train ride from the airport to scenic Prague. We would smile at random passengers and admire little kids. We would get off the train. Wonder the narrow winding streets. Walk the bridges that we saw in the postcards. Buy some cheap postcards to send to our friends and tell them about the bridges we walked. Get healthy dinner. Then a sinful dessert. Find an affordable hotel. Make beautiful Love and fall asleep with the first sun rays. Dream together beautiful dreams. Wake up with a smile on our faces. Get up. Dress up. Passionately kiss.  Get coffee  with milk in one of the local coffee houses. Try to read a foreign newspaper. Take the same train back to the airport. Fly home… This is how we would tell our parents, relatives and distant friends how we spent 19 hours 25 minutes between flights in Prague.


Scenario #3


After landing in Prague at 3:35 pm we would catch a train and enjoy the train ride from the airport to Prague. Scenario #3 would be only for us and only us would know what we did in Prague in 19 hours 25 minutes. When asked about 19 hours 25 minutes by our friends, we would look at each other and meaningfully smile… That wouldn’t be a secret but the time that two people shared together and that makes sense only for them. Who cares what those two people felt while sitting on some random bench next to some random tree listening to some random little kids giggling while splashing in the ice-cold water in some fountain on the pepper-hot day.. what happened at Cafe Louvre and how late we went to sleep that night. 19 hours 25 minutes would be a bliss in our life that is supposed to glow shiny happiness and inspire others for the 19 hours 25 minute adventure between flights in Prague…


Scenario #1


In case you wonder, I left it out. For a reason… 




Emotions Touch Themselves at Night


dancing words

I checked you out twice. Then you IM-ed me. We talked for time that exists beyond the regular time boundaries and doesn’t fit in any socially accepted time frames. It might have lasted for an hour or only for couple minutes. The numerical time was irrelevant compared to the big, deep-reaching crystalized words that played nicest sounds in our hungry ears and starving hearts… We talked about the world and its big dreams for different kinds of people. We travelled our memory lanes back and forth. Up and down. We shared and exchanged fragile moments and delicious memories from our past, present and possible future.. Words became musical notes and our fingers typed words that danced  Tango passionately  – when you live the moment not caring about the future and letting the past go – ignoring the  tiny chat window and illuminating the actual distance between our material bodies. I thought it was adorable until –


you asked me out to watch the Sunrise.


… with you ~

Little Struggle

Beautiful Struggle

I am learning to acknowledge everything I feel. Little struggle fighting against the insensitive rain with a tiny umbrella. Frustration trying to decide which smiles are honest and which ones hide sad pain and lonely sadness – I want everybody be utopicly happy. Rewarding feet pain energetically walking in fancy heels around town for exhausting hours feeling all beautiful and pretty…

Every little moment brings something new in an old form. Something what I might have experienced in the past and what derived into some new unidentified form. It is not a simple square or a so well-known circle anymore. It is like the magical eight symbolizing infinity – you get fascinated by its magical continuity and frustrated because there is no beginning and end..

Little struggles are adorable. They are like doors. You don’t really have much choice if you want to enter some space but you CAN choose what space you want to enter. Be wise with your choices, not all doors have to be opened as well as not all little struggles have to be experienced.

Life is beautiful when little struggles draw intriguing smiles on our faces when remembering them and our hearts feel light. This is what I wish for all of you –

Let your life be one –

Cute Little Struggle ~

Personal Fantasy

Curious Octopus

Today I have a beautiful fantasy. To be naughty while curious octopus is watching us from the drowsy sky.. To be comfortably naked in the warm summer rain and smile gently while absorbing each others’ tiniest breaths caused by microscopic touches in most sensitive secret places.. Smile and giggle. Meet in the balanced-out  middle for a fragile moment and shift apart for 2 short minutes before returning to the divine moment that makes loving people feel like –

Angels ~

How much is my MUCH

… to infinity. To the stars and the moon. Back and forth. To the deepest depth of the deepest places in the deepest lakes on the earth and the highest places on the  highest mountains. To the most pleasant smells and the most beautiful colors. To the cutest baby animals and fastest flying birds…

Memory of Love


Sometimes I would like to share what it feels like to be loved and to love. Other times I feel that it is a divine secret. Once you find it, you are entitled to the Beautiful feeling and a dizzy roller-coaster ride with all it’s ups and downs that never leave you at a place where you boarded. It is always a surprise what will come next but if you know the secret, the next turn will be more exciting than the previous one and you will get hungrier the closer to the end you get. And it will feel –


Trust me.

Is there a link between the perfect shoes and perfect men (besides the fact that perfect men wear shoes)?

I won’t lie, the last couple years of my life have been about perfect men and perfect shoes. My perfect shoes took me to nicest places, wildest parties, introduced me to chivalrous men, and were there for me whenever I needed them. While perfect men, well, they took me to nice places, introduced me to nice things, showered me with nicest words and Shakespearean compliments. And then I always ended up wondering what was that I enjoyed more, my perfect shoes or a company of a perfect man?

It is nearly impossible to fall out of love with a perfect shoe. It will be always there for you. 24/7, in your worst moods, saddest days, happiest moments and most intimate nights.. It will always indulge you in thrilling trips to local bars where you will meet beautiful interesting people, guys and girls. Old and young. Lawyers living between Paris and New York who will take you on their own private jet for a transatlantic trip, artists who will cuddle you in their gallery in the middle of day and offer you a cup of tea because they are short of $$, womanizers who will be fantastic kissers and you will secretly wish that regular nice guys would kiss the same way. The perfect shoe will introduce you to the variety of things and people in the world. It will allow you to cheat on them with other pairs of shoes and won’t say even a word because they know that whatever you do and wherever you go, you always will be doing nicest things, going to nicest places, and meeting nicest people with them. ..

While a perfect man… A perfect man will be always a perfect man. He will become like an essential part of your life. Like a missing piece in a puzzle. He will be always there, will make the whole picture look better and you will enjoy that nice picture that has no missing pieces. 

And then, one day you, like me, will find asking yourself, what is there that we search and long for perfectness, adore a company of a perfect man and more than anything else like wondering the streets in our perfect pair of shoes and which one we enjoy more? Isn’t it strange that the same perfectness that we long for is appreciated differently? That we change one perfect man into another and then to another while a perfect pair of shoes remains the same….

I think a perfect man doesn’t exist. What we call “a perfect man” is simply a set of traits and characteristics that we find attractive at a given period in our lives. It is nothing more than our imagination and sometimes even vain and shallow need for something different or even entertaining what would brighten up our days and spice up our nights… This is what a perfect man is – a continuously evolving imaginative picture of ours of somebody we want to meet because that somebody is highly desired by a pop culture, your parents, friends or you simply just think that it might work for you at that moment.

BUT – 

what is most important, perfect shoes attract perfect men 🙂 and it doesn’t really matter what is “perfect” for you and me. “Perfect” is just “perfect.” You feel happy about the “perfect” and the “perfect” makes you laugh….

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