Love in A Flat Minor

Royal piano


Love is vast. Love is the nostalgic beauty that we all passionately long for and lonely sadness that tear our soft hearts apart. It is like a fancy high-rise with big shiny windows reflecting sunniest days on most beautiful summer days and wettest rains in drizzly fall. Like a cute little kitty and red latex outfit that makes one wonder and steams up impatient imagination…


Love is like the most beautiful Royal piano. Classical and romantic. One can play melancholic Vivaldi or serious Bach on it. Staccato or legato. C major or E minor. One can share the music or keep it private… 


My Royal piano plays A flat minor tonight because I like Brahms… 



Do You Ever Have Questions About Questions?

When there is a tide, does the level of the water changes at the opposite shore (if there is such?)


Where is the end of the empty (supposably?) space where stars and planets hang in?


Where is the meeting point between quantum physics and material world (both make sense to me separately)?


When we are provided with the information who we were in the previous life, which life is it?  Is it less important who were were before THAT life?


Who came up with the question “why” and what was the reason?


How would the world be if we didn’t have questions? 


Who reads my notes? :- )




In Case of Marriage, Swallow Pill


What a beautiful dream I had once, when I was 6.  I could spend hours drawing brides and grooms. Castles where they live and cute baby carriages for their future kids. It was innocently naive and beautiful. Beautiful as in spectacular view when you have a camera in your hands and don’t take a picture because it would ruin it rather than capture the beauty of the view. Innocent as in falling snowflake on your bare hands, when it melts after landing on your bare skin leaving transparent memory of what just has happened.. It was all beautiful and sacred. Light and softly flowing. Attractive and rewarding. Magical…


Then one day I turned 20 something. The beautiful dream that I secretly held for all those years started feeling like a distant memory. Like a fragile glass house broken by a mean boy with a dirty heavy stone picked up from the muddy street.. 


The beautiful dream is still there. Maybe it is beautiful because I know that it will always remain a dream. I am not sure if these days such things happen. People don’t believe in innocence after painful falls and their ups are not that naive as they were years back. They’d rather take a pill. That is more modern.  Fast and easy. 




pills are illusionary. They never make one happy….


Harmonic Tendencies


Today I feel Beautiful.

Like a wild flower on one-of-a-kind sunny day pleasantly shivering  from light gentle breeze touches..

Like a high-end china cup of exotic tea on a cold winter eve..

Like a self-conscious fluffy cloud high in the sky, overlooking kissing two lovers if there is no tomorrow….

Another Cup, Please



These past weeks have been tough on me. I had least amazing downs and most unbelievable ups. One thing changed another and I found myself playing an intense domino effect game with my Life. Or, on the other hand, maybe against my Life. Pretty purposely. 


Sometimes I wish everything worked as simply as ordering a new cup of black coffee. Your relationship is always there and despite what day it is, bad or good, wherever you are, in Africa or very North Pole visiting penguins, you are always with coffee. The same black coffee. You come, order a cup of it and that’s it. Every day is a new day and every cup is a new fresh start…


My coffee has been a bit bitter these past weeks. Maybe I should try a cup with more sugar tomorrow…

Caffeinated Circles



Today I feel like drawing dazzling circles, constructing colorful paper furniture for beautiful paper dolls and making some playful origami birds to make the white blank ceiling more alive.  Some days I feel like that. No single thought is contained within itself and ideas play jump rope if they were 5 year old kids during recess at one of the playgrounds impatiently waiting to be picked up..


Today I am like a shape that has no name. I am like a self-repetetive pattern in a multi-dimentional image. All possible colors. All possible shapes. Depths and lengths. Like a well-known infinity that never ends but is contained in a recognizable symbol for simplification when we talk about serious complicated grown-up things. 


Tomorrow I will be the same and different. Same as yesterday and the day before and today. Different because today and yesterday will inspire me for a search of a new shape and color combination. Different approach in making a recognizable pattern and innovative idea of an  undiscovered design.


And – 


Tomorrow will be the same. It is a sinful trick. Today has limits. Tomorrow is vast.. Although today and tomorrow is the same 9 hour day…. The difference is only in my mind.




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