Watching the Clock


I don’t remember when and where I heard once that “life is just a bunch of stories that we go through.” Some stories can be found in the “Past”, some in “Present” and other ones in the “Possible Future” chapters. 


Recently I was exposed to genuine conversations about the stories from the “Past” chapter. Some of them were adorably beautiful, other ones had light context with not much meaning. There were painfully sad stories about unfulfilled dreams and wrong choices. Some stories were colorful as the most beautiful rainbow containing the solid variety of pure colors. Other ones were soothing my soul as the most romantic sunset with a loved one by my side..


The ones that I enjoyed most were the ones that left me wondering and wanting for more. Almost the same as that phase when you fall in love and there is no end of wanting to see the one you love more and more and more…. The more you look, the more you want. The more you touch, the hungrier you get… Those were not necessarily the nicest stories  about pleasant moments. Those were the stories about people being present with what they did and knowing that they accepted and were grateful for everything they were going through. 


Everyone of us is a writer of our “Book of Life.” Appreciate your past, live in the moment and work hard for the future you want to have. Create your book so that it would be a pleasure to sink in the armchair when it gets dark outside and go page by page remembering delicious moments and embarrassing seconds with a tiny grin on your face. So that you could proudly share it with others and your life would be made more of rainbows that leave you in awe of the beauty of their colors rather than cold rain that doesn’t do much good for you but gives a nasty cold…


I wish all of you to turn a new page and start from the beginning creating a nicer today and a even more beautiful tomorrow.





Love Is in the Being

Center yourself, and with each breath, put aside your accomplishments.

Breathe deeply, and with each breath, put aside the things you haven’t accomplished.

Sit in the center of your being without these uniforms of goodness and know that you are as beautiful as a mountain or a river.

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