Late November Dreaming

Not once I have wondered how it feels to be You. You, who interact with me, who look at me puzzled and overuse word “interesting” that has no assigned meaning to me. You, who remember me when You bump into an uncomfortable struggle and want to share Your most personal moments that mean to You as much as there is space around the Earth times 7. You, who have little and big dreams for Yourself and others. How You feel walking by my side silently and what makes You so mad and sad . How You feel when I compliment You and when I tell You that I need “my own” time for a little bit. I am puzzled how You feel when I say I love You and when I really mean it. I also wonder sometimes why You want  to change me if You like me. Sometimes I do not understand why You complain or demand things from me instead of asking me to help You. Not once I have wondered how similar and different we are.  I wonder how it feels to be You because –

“I am You. You are Me.”


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