Be Inspired~

I find it interesting sometimes how much I know and how less I can actually verbally say. Not because I wouldn’t want to but because the things I know are beyond verbal language and have no physical expressions or symbols. I find myself not once during a day building bridges out of compassion and self-sufficient love bricks between people I know and total strangers. Like a curious 3 year old I look for various “signatures” in people’s eyes and I feel emotionally weightless when a healthy energy reaches me and I align with the sender letting the Magic happen between us.. Those are the moments I cherish no matter how long they last. These are the seconds and milliseconds that encourage me to get rid of the facade that provides me with a false strength and self-image that I have to defend from attacks, real and imagined.

Instead, –

I choose a real change and attitude that there is nothing to defend and nothing to protect. Be inspired to join me.


Physics and Other Romantic Complications

Almost a month ago I had a very beautiful experience. While walking home at embarrassingly late hours on a Saturday night I decided to click the “shuffle” button on my iPod, that I very rarely do and discovered a new song that had a message for me.. First chords didn’t say much and then, magic happened…. I slowed down and was breathing the music together with cold October air deep into my lungs and heart, trying not to miss any single particle of air and any piece of sound. I tried to get as much of them as I could. My usual 5 minute walk home became a rejuvenating multi-surface travel within myself. It was Romance and Love among Me, Night and Music. Something similar to the feeling when you realize that you are wholeness and there is no separate self, when you create intentions and physical body helps you carry them out.

Today another magical thing happened. The message from the song reached me in a different medium. And I traveled again… Physical well-known places became romantic compilations and the irritating 42nd street noise became like a sweet Love whisper in my ear. People became little unique planets with their own beautiful stories and I couldn’t let this moment pass so I stopped like an annoying 42nd street tourist for a moment in the middle of a busy sidewalk –

and smiled with my heart.

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