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The Architect of Dreams

The world Within is never far away;  anything is possible there and whatever can be imagined comes true..

Click on the picture below and enjoy your journey between and within real and surreal ~

Painted Skies

Some days more than other ones things fall into their right places. Sunrise happens with the first cup of early morning coffee and the Moon rises the minute you lock the door behind you after a long workday. The stars smile at you from the very far above when you take a glance through the window wondering what tomorrow holds for you and appreciating what Today gave you. The cup of early evening tea smooths the disturbed mood and you feel how your soul starts blossoming like the most beautiful flower. At this point you let it all go and stay with what you have. The magical moment; the light feeling that floats on most wonderful puffy clouds on sunny Sunday afternoons and first fragile snowflakes that bring so much joy in the beginning of winter. It all feels aligned and tuned. You become whole… You fall asleep smiling and wake up with a bigger heart that is able to hold more love than yesterday…

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