Have You Ever Walked a Labyrinth?

Labyrinth is such a literate and magical symbol. One moment it can mean a puzzle and another carry an important meaning about one’s journeys – inward and outward.. I always admired walking-labyrinths from afar, mostly, because I grew up in a country where they were existent only in a “puzzle” form. Only recently while working with one of my clients I realized that I live very close to one. Now I only have to pick a day, time and enjoy the journey..

I am also curious if anybody have walked any labyrinths and what experiences did you have?


Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

Recently I got a very nice collection or very nice craft paper. The most beautiful I have ever had.  Since today I was admiring it from afar.. Today I decided I am ready to make beautiful art with it and ran into a tiny bit of a dilemma.. I don’t feel making collages with it. I am not huge in origami either… For a minute I had an idea creating miniature furniture out of it and then decided that maybe not..

So I have a question for you, creative souls, what projects have you done and are proud of? What mediums do you like mixing and most importantly, where does your inspiration come from?

Looking forward to hearing from you !

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