Peaceful Hurricanes and Chaotic Stillness

Some days things “just” happen. Good and bad, big and small, important and not so much.. Some days one minute we laugh and cannot contain our joy in our physical bodies and another we feel below the sea level. On such days peacefulness is threatened by the most hazardous chaos and emotional hurricanes elevate to never before seen (and probably felt) levels. I am sure you have gone through this a significant number of times.

I would like to share my observations what works when hurricanes take over and chaotic stillness becomes annoying. I will share only 3 very simple possible steps you can take (there are so many more of them!) to change the situation. Start with these 3 steps as, I believe, they are the foundation of all the other ones that are in between:

1. Calm down. It might sound a little bit way too simple but stop doing whatever you are doing, put aside everything, walk away from your computer and find a peaceful place where you can come back to your body and your peaceful mind. One of the possible things to do is to make yourself a cup of tea and while drinking it concentrate and think only about the tea, the smell, the flavor, observe the color and texture of it. Let it be all about the cup of tea. Let all the thoughts and worries slide away. Find something what you enjoy and what takes 2-5 minutes out of your busy day. Enjoy the moment and observe every millisecond  of your peaceful return to pure happiness filled Earth. Try this!

2. Remember and decide what is important to you, deep in your heart, not in your brain. There are days when too many things happen at the same time and we lose a grip of what is important to us and what our priorities are. Don’t take the path that puts everybody’s responsibilities and faults on you. More


Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

Recently I got a very nice collection or very nice craft paper. The most beautiful I have ever had.  Since today I was admiring it from afar.. Today I decided I am ready to make beautiful art with it and ran into a tiny bit of a dilemma.. I don’t feel making collages with it. I am not huge in origami either… For a minute I had an idea creating miniature furniture out of it and then decided that maybe not..

So I have a question for you, creative souls, what projects have you done and are proud of? What mediums do you like mixing and most importantly, where does your inspiration come from?

Looking forward to hearing from you !

Sacred Lotus

The lotus has its roots in the mud,
Grows up through the deep water,
And rises to the surface.
It blooms into perfect beauty and purity in the sunlight.
It is like the mind unfolding to perfect joy and wisdom.

Twelve Minutes to Midnight

Wondering what will happen next. Dreaming about possible. Dissolving in the moment. Enjoying the present. Impatiently waiting for the next moment. Smiling at milliseconds. Laughing with seconds. Running away with minutes

Being grateful for everything and loving everybody. Including –


The Space Around

For so long I have been looking for/concentrating on spaces and only couple days ago I realized –

none of the spaces matter if I cannot find the space itself…

The Architect of Dreams

The world Within is never far away;  anything is possible there and whatever can be imagined comes true..

Click on the picture below and enjoy your journey between and within real and surreal ~

Painted Skies

Some days more than other ones things fall into their right places. Sunrise happens with the first cup of early morning coffee and the Moon rises the minute you lock the door behind you after a long workday. The stars smile at you from the very far above when you take a glance through the window wondering what tomorrow holds for you and appreciating what Today gave you. The cup of early evening tea smooths the disturbed mood and you feel how your soul starts blossoming like the most beautiful flower. At this point you let it all go and stay with what you have. The magical moment; the light feeling that floats on most wonderful puffy clouds on sunny Sunday afternoons and first fragile snowflakes that bring so much joy in the beginning of winter. It all feels aligned and tuned. You become whole… You fall asleep smiling and wake up with a bigger heart that is able to hold more love than yesterday…

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