Peaceful Hurricanes and Chaotic Stillness

Some days things “just” happen. Good and bad, big and small, important and not so much.. Some days one minute we laugh and cannot contain our joy in our physical bodies and another we feel below the sea level. On such days peacefulness is threatened by the most hazardous chaos and emotional hurricanes elevate to never before seen (and probably felt) levels. I am sure you have gone through this a significant number of times.

I would like to share my observations what works when hurricanes take over and chaotic stillness becomes annoying. I will share only 3 very simple possible steps you can take (there are so many more of them!) to change the situation. Start with these 3 steps as, I believe, they are the foundation of all the other ones that are in between:

1. Calm down. It might sound a little bit way too simple but stop doing whatever you are doing, put aside everything, walk away from your computer and find a peaceful place where you can come back to your body and your peaceful mind. One of the possible things to do is to make yourself a cup of tea and while drinking it concentrate and think only about the tea, the smell, the flavor, observe the color and texture of it. Let it be all about the cup of tea. Let all the thoughts and worries slide away. Find something what you enjoy and what takes 2-5 minutes out of your busy day. Enjoy the moment and observe every millisecond  of your peaceful return to pure happiness filled Earth. Try this!

2. Remember and decide what is important to you, deep in your heart, not in your brain. There are days when too many things happen at the same time and we lose a grip of what is important to us and what our priorities are. Don’t take the path that puts everybody’s responsibilities and faults on you. More


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A Land of Your Own Creation

Few weeks ago my very dear friend invited me to join her on a personal journey and introduced me to the various landscapes of her Land. I got to see the darkest corners and the shadows of shame and guilt. I felt how a very heavy secret feels and fell in Love with her even more. Be inspired to create your own Land, change and adjust the landscape so that you get more Sun than Rain, more laughter than sadness, more freedom than shame and guilt.. Breathe in deeply and read slowly ~

I have an eating disorder. I’ve been struggling with it for 11 years and I honestly don’t know when I will get better. At first, it was anorexia. The school was hell and home was a war zone, so feeling hungry seemed better than feeling nothing.

Now it’s overeating. I am empty inside so I fill it with food. As one lady said, “it’s like a hug from inside.”
I don’t have a life but I have extra 10 pounds round my waist. I don’t have a boyfriend but I have a cake. I don’t have time for friends but I have 24 hours for eating. I don’t travel to beautiful places abroad but I have my daily trips to Kiwi. I don’t have delicious dinners but I consume thousands and thousands of kcal of food that makes me sick. I don’t exercise, I just move to burn the late night snacks. I don’t socialize nor go out because I’m too busy chewing.

All I am is a girl with ED. All I feel is shame and guilt. All i want is to be free. And all I need is to be loved. I am at a crossroad now. The outside of my life is going well and I am afraid of screwing it up by not getting better. I have to make a choice that all junkies face sooner or later. The question is, will i choose life, or ED?“

Sacred Lotus

The lotus has its roots in the mud,
Grows up through the deep water,
And rises to the surface.
It blooms into perfect beauty and purity in the sunlight.
It is like the mind unfolding to perfect joy and wisdom.

Mazes of Graceland

I admire people who carry a smile in their eyes and their mouths talk true words. Who get silent at loudest moments and giggle like a 5-year-old after s/he trips on a pebble on a street. I always wondered what is the secret of being so YOURSELF and what is that secret magnet that attracts people to such honest transparent personalities. How can one smile at saddest moments and easily forgive to people who hurt them most.. Where the kindness comes from and what color their world is. Do they hear things differently? Is their heart bigger? Do they have a bigger emotional vocabulary? Do they have limits with their kindness and compassion? How do they measure happiness..?

Haven’t you ever wondered.. ?

Painted Skies

Some days more than other ones things fall into their right places. Sunrise happens with the first cup of early morning coffee and the Moon rises the minute you lock the door behind you after a long workday. The stars smile at you from the very far above when you take a glance through the window wondering what tomorrow holds for you and appreciating what Today gave you. The cup of early evening tea smooths the disturbed mood and you feel how your soul starts blossoming like the most beautiful flower. At this point you let it all go and stay with what you have. The magical moment; the light feeling that floats on most wonderful puffy clouds on sunny Sunday afternoons and first fragile snowflakes that bring so much joy in the beginning of winter. It all feels aligned and tuned. You become whole… You fall asleep smiling and wake up with a bigger heart that is able to hold more love than yesterday…

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