Peaceful Hurricanes and Chaotic Stillness

Some days things “just” happen. Good and bad, big and small, important and not so much.. Some days one minute we laugh and cannot contain our joy in our physical bodies and another we feel below the sea level. On such days peacefulness is threatened by the most hazardous chaos and emotional hurricanes elevate to never before seen (and probably felt) levels. I am sure you have gone through this a significant number of times.

I would like to share my observations what works when hurricanes take over and chaotic stillness becomes annoying. I will share only 3 very simple possible steps you can take (there are so many more of them!) to change the situation. Start with these 3 steps as, I believe, they are the foundation of all the other ones that are in between:

1. Calm down. It might sound a little bit way too simple but stop doing whatever you are doing, put aside everything, walk away from your computer and find a peaceful place where you can come back to your body and your peaceful mind. One of the possible things to do is to make yourself a cup of tea and while drinking it concentrate and think only about the tea, the smell, the flavor, observe the color and texture of it. Let it be all about the cup of tea. Let all the thoughts and worries slide away. Find something what you enjoy and what takes 2-5 minutes out of your busy day. Enjoy the moment and observe every millisecond  of your peaceful return to pure happiness filled Earth. Try this!

2. Remember and decide what is important to you, deep in your heart, not in your brain. There are days when too many things happen at the same time and we lose a grip of what is important to us and what our priorities are. Don’t take the path that puts everybody’s responsibilities and faults on you. More


TED x Berkeley Experience

Today I attended TED x Berkeley. What an experience! I love (really love) I find TED speeches to be inspiring and I feel that most of them are so rich in content that it is impossible not to learn something new.

It was quite an experience to participate in one of the TED events today. I learnt few new things and I met few new people. Shore Slocum, Anat Baniel and Gopi Kallayil presented ideas that made me wonder and think deeper. Shore Slocum was encouraging the audience to let go off things, accept opportunities, step through the opened doors and not to be afraid of changes. He was saying that situations unfold without us trying to control them and they leave us at a better place than we could have ever imagined to be.. At times he felt like a mini Tony Robbins. I found Shore to be truly inspiring.

Anat Baniel gave a talk about brain plasticity and led a 2 minute exercise session after which I could reach my toes with my straight legs effortlessly. What a complex and magical mechanism our brain is and how many ways there are to present information to it to get different outcomes/results. I was skeptical before Anat’s 2 minute exercise and was amazed and inspired to learn more after. Anat defined nine essentials that the brain requires in order to grow and develop new patterns and possibilities for lifetime fitness of mind and body to achieve true personal empowerment.

There was so much information today that I cannot really recall who said exactly what but I liked Gopi’s approach on self and how little things can lead to big changes. One step stood out a lot to me – taking 1 minute out of your day to do things that make you feel “yourself” and make it a routine. I feel there are so many people who set goals that are not achievable and 1 minute sounds not only doable, but also enjoyable. Gopi’s point was that in time 1 minute will become 5 minutes and after a while you might find out that 1 minute transformed into all 30… Isn’t this exciting?

I also learnt about biochar from Lopa Brunjes and about synesthesia of living organisms from Bryan Alvarez. All speeches were inspiring and none were better than other. All of them were so unique and heart felt that it was hard not to participate and engage with the speaker. I am so glad I had an opportunity to participate at TED x Berkeley. I admit, my day was geeky and so much fun!


Collection of Stories

Purple and Other Nuances

I have been a bad bad “mama” for my Geographic Delight blog. Not on purpose. There were so many things on my plate that I ran out of energy to take care of my Geographic Delight baby..

My main concentration and writing for personal purposes happens on my personal website Visit me there and say “hi.” I also have been spending more time biking and making things for friends, Christmas and myself. One of my projects, how to make recycled envelopes from paper grocery bags, can be found here. I also opened Etsy shop and was/am trying to organize things as much as possible.

Oh, and how could I forget, from the last time I checked in here, I changed my hair color twice. I am brunette now. I was purple/pink in between..

HOW TO: own your choice

I am sure you, like me, numerous times have been in multiple situations when you had to choose and when all choices were meaningful even after the most precise thoughtful weighting you have done. I am sure you were not once puzzled and confused – what to choose?

Lately I ran into people who didn’t know much about personal boundaries and where business and personal spaces meet. People who decided to be deceitful instead of transparent. I took part in situations when I chose to ignore things that bothered me and situations when I stepped up and stood up for the things and people that mattered to me at that particular time.

Life is full of choices. It is almost like a jigsaw puzzle when the whole experience of a day or a particular moment is constructed of smaller pieces that if matched correctly produce a beautiful picture that is rewarding at the end (of a day). Everything we do is a choice. Our choice. Getting up at 7:30 am instead of 7 am. Getting a medium coffee instead of small latte at a local coffee shop on the way to work. We choose how hard to work, when to rest, who to talk to, whose emails to respond to first and so on. The list of the choices we make throughout the day is infinite and none of the lists are exact and the same.

My biggest concern has always been how to make the right choice. The truth is, there is no right or wrong as long as you feel good about your choice. It shouldn’t matter what others think and what they say; you made the choice for yourself and not for them. Trust yourself that if you honestly thought through and if deep in your heart  you feel good about your choice then it was the right choice at that particular moment. It doesn’t mean that you will have to make the same choice the next time you run into the same situation. That is the beauty of the moment – nothing repeats twice and it is never the same.

Own your choice and be proud of yourself.

Invest time to say sorry and communicate to people if it was an unpleasant situation and somebody had to be let down. Treat others you would like to be treated and remember, what goes around, comes around. Be generous, helpful and honest. Say what you mean and give as much as you can. Own your choices and feelings. Even the feelings like guilt and shame.

I would be happy to hear more insights about choices (possible and already made) from my readers!

Watching the Clock


I don’t remember when and where I heard once that “life is just a bunch of stories that we go through.” Some stories can be found in the “Past”, some in “Present” and other ones in the “Possible Future” chapters. 


Recently I was exposed to genuine conversations about the stories from the “Past” chapter. Some of them were adorably beautiful, other ones had light context with not much meaning. There were painfully sad stories about unfulfilled dreams and wrong choices. Some stories were colorful as the most beautiful rainbow containing the solid variety of pure colors. Other ones were soothing my soul as the most romantic sunset with a loved one by my side..


The ones that I enjoyed most were the ones that left me wondering and wanting for more. Almost the same as that phase when you fall in love and there is no end of wanting to see the one you love more and more and more…. The more you look, the more you want. The more you touch, the hungrier you get… Those were not necessarily the nicest stories  about pleasant moments. Those were the stories about people being present with what they did and knowing that they accepted and were grateful for everything they were going through. 


Everyone of us is a writer of our “Book of Life.” Appreciate your past, live in the moment and work hard for the future you want to have. Create your book so that it would be a pleasure to sink in the armchair when it gets dark outside and go page by page remembering delicious moments and embarrassing seconds with a tiny grin on your face. So that you could proudly share it with others and your life would be made more of rainbows that leave you in awe of the beauty of their colors rather than cold rain that doesn’t do much good for you but gives a nasty cold…


I wish all of you to turn a new page and start from the beginning creating a nicer today and a even more beautiful tomorrow.




what would I do in 19 hr 25 min between flights in Prague





















772.00 LTL

no charges inc.



14:55, Th, September 03 2009


15:35, Th, September 03 2009

OK 0873


Change planes. Time between flights:  19hr 25min



11:00, Fr, September 04 2009

New York

14:15, Fr, September 04 2009

OK 0050














Scenario #2


After landing in Prague at 3:35 pm we would catch a train and enjoy the short train ride from the airport to scenic Prague. We would smile at random passengers and admire little kids. We would get off the train. Wonder the narrow winding streets. Walk the bridges that we saw in the postcards. Buy some cheap postcards to send to our friends and tell them about the bridges we walked. Get healthy dinner. Then a sinful dessert. Find an affordable hotel. Make beautiful Love and fall asleep with the first sun rays. Dream together beautiful dreams. Wake up with a smile on our faces. Get up. Dress up. Passionately kiss.  Get coffee  with milk in one of the local coffee houses. Try to read a foreign newspaper. Take the same train back to the airport. Fly home… This is how we would tell our parents, relatives and distant friends how we spent 19 hours 25 minutes between flights in Prague.


Scenario #3


After landing in Prague at 3:35 pm we would catch a train and enjoy the train ride from the airport to Prague. Scenario #3 would be only for us and only us would know what we did in Prague in 19 hours 25 minutes. When asked about 19 hours 25 minutes by our friends, we would look at each other and meaningfully smile… That wouldn’t be a secret but the time that two people shared together and that makes sense only for them. Who cares what those two people felt while sitting on some random bench next to some random tree listening to some random little kids giggling while splashing in the ice-cold water in some fountain on the pepper-hot day.. what happened at Cafe Louvre and how late we went to sleep that night. 19 hours 25 minutes would be a bliss in our life that is supposed to glow shiny happiness and inspire others for the 19 hours 25 minute adventure between flights in Prague…


Scenario #1


In case you wonder, I left it out. For a reason… 



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