TED x Berkeley Experience

Today I attended TED x Berkeley. What an experience! I love (really love) ted.com. I find TED speeches to be inspiring and I feel that most of them are so rich in content that it is impossible not to learn something new.

It was quite an experience to participate in one of the TED events today. I learnt few new things and I met few new people. Shore Slocum, Anat Baniel and Gopi Kallayil presented ideas that made me wonder and think deeper. Shore Slocum was encouraging the audience to let go off things, accept opportunities, step through the opened doors and not to be afraid of changes. He was saying that situations unfold without us trying to control them and they leave us at a better place than we could have ever imagined to be.. At times he felt like a mini Tony Robbins. I found Shore to be truly inspiring.

Anat Baniel gave a talk about brain plasticity and led a 2 minute exercise session after which I could reach my toes with my straight legs effortlessly. What a complex and magical mechanism our brain is and how many ways there are to present information to it to get different outcomes/results. I was skeptical before Anat’s 2 minute exercise and was amazed and inspired to learn more after. Anat defined nine essentials that the brain requires in order to grow and develop new patterns and possibilities for lifetime fitness of mind and body to achieve true personal empowerment.

There was so much information today that I cannot really recall who said exactly what but I liked Gopi’s approach on self and how little things can lead to big changes. One step stood out a lot to me – taking 1 minute out of your day to do things that make you feel “yourself” and make it a routine. I feel there are so many people who set goals that are not achievable and 1 minute sounds not only doable, but also enjoyable. Gopi’s point was that in time 1 minute will become 5 minutes and after a while you might find out that 1 minute transformed into all 30… Isn’t this exciting?

I also learnt about biochar from Lopa Brunjes and about synesthesia of living organisms from Bryan Alvarez. All speeches were inspiring and none were better than other. All of them were so unique and heart felt that it was hard not to participate and engage with the speaker. I am so glad I had an opportunity to participate at TED x Berkeley. I admit, my day was geeky and so much fun!



Do You Ever Have Questions About Questions?

When there is a tide, does the level of the water changes at the opposite shore (if there is such?)


Where is the end of the empty (supposably?) space where stars and planets hang in?


Where is the meeting point between quantum physics and material world (both make sense to me separately)?


When we are provided with the information who we were in the previous life, which life is it?  Is it less important who were were before THAT life?


Who came up with the question “why” and what was the reason?


How would the world be if we didn’t have questions? 


Who reads my notes? :- )




Another Cup, Please



These past weeks have been tough on me. I had least amazing downs and most unbelievable ups. One thing changed another and I found myself playing an intense domino effect game with my Life. Or, on the other hand, maybe against my Life. Pretty purposely. 


Sometimes I wish everything worked as simply as ordering a new cup of black coffee. Your relationship is always there and despite what day it is, bad or good, wherever you are, in Africa or very North Pole visiting penguins, you are always with coffee. The same black coffee. You come, order a cup of it and that’s it. Every day is a new day and every cup is a new fresh start…


My coffee has been a bit bitter these past weeks. Maybe I should try a cup with more sugar tomorrow…

How much is my MUCH

… to infinity. To the stars and the moon. Back and forth. To the deepest depth of the deepest places in the deepest lakes on the earth and the highest places on the  highest mountains. To the most pleasant smells and the most beautiful colors. To the cutest baby animals and fastest flying birds…

Random ramble on Reasons

It’s never just coffee. It is never just smiles and looks. Words with fancy meanings. Short unfinished sentences. A new pair of jeans and a new pair of high heel shoes..

There are always reasons.

Reasons depending on circumstances. needs. desires. interests. likes and dislikes. suggestive moments. sadness. choice of medium in art. choice of a website for an e-mail account. There are reasons for checking your e-mail zillion times a day. not picking up your phone. texting to a person knowing that you won’t get a text back.

I like to pretend sometimes that I don’t know the reasons and continue doing things my way. my reasons might be very different from another person’s reasons although we both share a moment. we both perceive it differently and, the saddest part is, we will never get the same situation the same way. it is simply impossible for a reason that we both have different understandings about the world and have different experiences.

For that reason – i adore being


Brain creates reasons. Heart denies them and acts upon how it feels. For no particular reason. making it all like an adventurous rollercoaster ride that is always enjoyable. you just have to smile and take it as it is. It always works out. At least for me….

And, very honestly, there is no reason why I ramble on reasons. Originally I wanted to write something about Bikini…

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