Peaceful Hurricanes and Chaotic Stillness

Some days things “just” happen. Good and bad, big and small, important and not so much.. Some days one minute we laugh and cannot contain our joy in our physical bodies and another we feel below the sea level. On such days peacefulness is threatened by the most hazardous chaos and emotional hurricanes elevate to never before seen (and probably felt) levels. I am sure you have gone through this a significant number of times.

I would like to share my observations what works when hurricanes take over and chaotic stillness becomes annoying. I will share only 3 very simple possible steps you can take (there are so many more of them!) to change the situation. Start with these 3 steps as, I believe, they are the foundation of all the other ones that are in between:

1. Calm down. It might sound a little bit way too simple but stop doing whatever you are doing, put aside everything, walk away from your computer and find a peaceful place where you can come back to your body and your peaceful mind. One of the possible things to do is to make yourself a cup of tea and while drinking it concentrate and think only about the tea, the smell, the flavor, observe the color and texture of it. Let it be all about the cup of tea. Let all the thoughts and worries slide away. Find something what you enjoy and what takes 2-5 minutes out of your busy day. Enjoy the moment and observe every millisecond  of your peaceful return to pure happiness filled Earth. Try this!

2. Remember and decide what is important to you, deep in your heart, not in your brain. There are days when too many things happen at the same time and we lose a grip of what is important to us and what our priorities are. Don’t take the path that puts everybody’s responsibilities and faults on you. More


Collection of Stories

Late November Dreaming

Not once I have wondered how it feels to be You. You, who interact with me, who look at me puzzled and overuse word “interesting” that has no assigned meaning to me. You, who remember me when You bump into an uncomfortable struggle and want to share Your most personal moments that mean to You as much as there is space around the Earth times 7. You, who have little and big dreams for Yourself and others. How You feel walking by my side silently and what makes You so mad and sad . How You feel when I compliment You and when I tell You that I need “my own” time for a little bit. I am puzzled how You feel when I say I love You and when I really mean it. I also wonder sometimes why You want  to change me if You like me. Sometimes I do not understand why You complain or demand things from me instead of asking me to help You. Not once I have wondered how similar and different we are.  I wonder how it feels to be You because –

“I am You. You are Me.”

Love in A Flat Minor

Royal piano


Love is vast. Love is the nostalgic beauty that we all passionately long for and lonely sadness that tear our soft hearts apart. It is like a fancy high-rise with big shiny windows reflecting sunniest days on most beautiful summer days and wettest rains in drizzly fall. Like a cute little kitty and red latex outfit that makes one wonder and steams up impatient imagination…


Love is like the most beautiful Royal piano. Classical and romantic. One can play melancholic Vivaldi or serious Bach on it. Staccato or legato. C major or E minor. One can share the music or keep it private… 


My Royal piano plays A flat minor tonight because I like Brahms… 


In Case of Marriage, Swallow Pill


What a beautiful dream I had once, when I was 6.  I could spend hours drawing brides and grooms. Castles where they live and cute baby carriages for their future kids. It was innocently naive and beautiful. Beautiful as in spectacular view when you have a camera in your hands and don’t take a picture because it would ruin it rather than capture the beauty of the view. Innocent as in falling snowflake on your bare hands, when it melts after landing on your bare skin leaving transparent memory of what just has happened.. It was all beautiful and sacred. Light and softly flowing. Attractive and rewarding. Magical…


Then one day I turned 20 something. The beautiful dream that I secretly held for all those years started feeling like a distant memory. Like a fragile glass house broken by a mean boy with a dirty heavy stone picked up from the muddy street.. 


The beautiful dream is still there. Maybe it is beautiful because I know that it will always remain a dream. I am not sure if these days such things happen. People don’t believe in innocence after painful falls and their ups are not that naive as they were years back. They’d rather take a pill. That is more modern.  Fast and easy. 




pills are illusionary. They never make one happy….


what would I do in 19 hr 25 min between flights in Prague





















772.00 LTL

no charges inc.



14:55, Th, September 03 2009


15:35, Th, September 03 2009

OK 0873


Change planes. Time between flights:  19hr 25min



11:00, Fr, September 04 2009

New York

14:15, Fr, September 04 2009

OK 0050














Scenario #2


After landing in Prague at 3:35 pm we would catch a train and enjoy the short train ride from the airport to scenic Prague. We would smile at random passengers and admire little kids. We would get off the train. Wonder the narrow winding streets. Walk the bridges that we saw in the postcards. Buy some cheap postcards to send to our friends and tell them about the bridges we walked. Get healthy dinner. Then a sinful dessert. Find an affordable hotel. Make beautiful Love and fall asleep with the first sun rays. Dream together beautiful dreams. Wake up with a smile on our faces. Get up. Dress up. Passionately kiss.  Get coffee  with milk in one of the local coffee houses. Try to read a foreign newspaper. Take the same train back to the airport. Fly home… This is how we would tell our parents, relatives and distant friends how we spent 19 hours 25 minutes between flights in Prague.


Scenario #3


After landing in Prague at 3:35 pm we would catch a train and enjoy the train ride from the airport to Prague. Scenario #3 would be only for us and only us would know what we did in Prague in 19 hours 25 minutes. When asked about 19 hours 25 minutes by our friends, we would look at each other and meaningfully smile… That wouldn’t be a secret but the time that two people shared together and that makes sense only for them. Who cares what those two people felt while sitting on some random bench next to some random tree listening to some random little kids giggling while splashing in the ice-cold water in some fountain on the pepper-hot day.. what happened at Cafe Louvre and how late we went to sleep that night. 19 hours 25 minutes would be a bliss in our life that is supposed to glow shiny happiness and inspire others for the 19 hours 25 minute adventure between flights in Prague…


Scenario #1


In case you wonder, I left it out. For a reason… 



Memory of Love


Sometimes I would like to share what it feels like to be loved and to love. Other times I feel that it is a divine secret. Once you find it, you are entitled to the Beautiful feeling and a dizzy roller-coaster ride with all it’s ups and downs that never leave you at a place where you boarded. It is always a surprise what will come next but if you know the secret, the next turn will be more exciting than the previous one and you will get hungrier the closer to the end you get. And it will feel –


Trust me.

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